Identify ready-to-give donors with ease

Dataro Predict tells you which of your donors are likely to give again, upgrade, re-activate, churn, and more, so you can make the right ask at the right time.

Predict donor behavior based on 100s of data points, not just three

Dataro Predict analyzes all of your historical CRM data to generate predictions about future donor behavior across all types of fundraising activities.

The result? Real-time donor insights, better selections and high-return campaigns.



Dataro Predict Propensity Models & Features:

Predictions powered by your data, for every donor

We integrate with your CRM to provide actionable insights and donor propensities based on your fundraising data only. Just your donor data, turned into individual donor predictions.

Know the next best action for individual donors

Unlock insights to understand donor motivations and deliver personalized journeys that build connection, boost retention & increase participation across fundraising programs.

Pick the predictions to meet your fundraising goals

Every fundraising program is different. With Dataro Predict, you can choose the propensity models your nonprofit needs to engage donors at every point in their donor journey.

Build campaign lists in seconds, not hours…

Use Dataro’s donor insights to quickly build campaign lists, ensuring you target the right donors for the right ask and maximize your fundraising efforts without wasting resources.

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