Identify ready-to-give donors in seconds.

Dataro Predict tells you which of your donors are most likely to give, upgrade, re-activate, churn, and more, so you can make the right ask at the right time.

Predict donor behavior based on 100s of data points.

Dataro Predict tells you how a donor will act using every piece of donor data in your CRM, not just their giving recency, frequency, or value. 


The result? Better targeting than ever before. 



Build donor lists in seconds, not hours.

No more painstaking list building. Use Predict to easily build more-targeted lists and hyper-personalized campaigns that earn more donations and waste less resources.


Predictions built on your data, in your CRM.

Dataro Predict analyzes your donor data to build predictions for your donors. No wealth scans, 3rd party data, or unsafe data practices.

Just your data, pulled from your CRM, translated into actionable predictions, and put right back into your CRM. 

Pick the predictions your fundraising program needs most.

Every fundraising program is different. With Dataro Predict, you can choose the prediction models your nonprofit needs to engage donors at every point in their donation journey.

Ready to say goodbye to spray-and-pray fundraising?

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