GPT for Nonprofit Fundraising

A collection of educational resources about using AI and GPT in nonprofit fundraising.

>GPT for Nonprofits (Blog)

GPT for Nonprofits (Blog)

From automating mundane and time-consuming tasks to quickly generating fundraising copy and repurposing content across different channels. This blog explains what GPT is and how large language models like ChatGPT and AI Assistants can help scale your fundraising efforts.
>FundrAIse smarter (recorded webinar)

FundrAIse smarter (recorded webinar)

This on-demand webinar is a 101 introduction to using AI in fundraising. From theory to practice, discover what AI is and how nonprofits are using AI technologies like machine learning and ChatGPT to better engage with donors and scale their fundraising efforts.
>AI for nonprofit fundraising (blog)

AI for nonprofit fundraising (blog)

Learn about the different types of AI technologies and how they are being used by nonprofits to answer the WHO, WHEN, HOW and WHAT in fundraising.
>Avoid these GPT mistakes (blog)

Avoid these GPT mistakes (blog)

Discover the common mistakes made by fundraisers when using ChatGPT for content creation and explore the best practices and solutions for harnessing AI in your fundraising.