Propensity modelling for NFPs

Dataro empowers the causes that matter most with state-of-the-art machine learning tools and predictive analytics.

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What you can do
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Use AI to predict what your donors are going to do next.

Dataro’s data science-as-a-service platform uses machine learning technology to generate donor ‘propensity scores’, allowing charities to create smarter fundraising campaign lists. Make the most of your data without needing to hire a data scientist.

Direct Mail Appeals

Are you missing out on appeal donations? Calculate your optimum campaign size and identify valuable donors you may be missing in your current segments.

High-Value Giving

Use high-value modelling to identify the donors most likely to convert into your mid-value and high-value gift brackets, maximising campaign returns.

Lapsed Reactivations

Which of your lapsed donors are most likely to reactivate? Understand what drives reactivations and convert more lapsed donors back into active givers.

RG Reactivations

Contact the right lapsed regular giver at the right time to maximise RG reactivation rates and grow your RG program.

RG Churn

Acquiring a new supporter is more expensive than retaining an existing one. Use churn modelling to prevent donor attrition.

RG Upgrades

Take the guesswork out of your upgrade campaigns by identifying the most likely RG upgraders.

You will be in good company

Stay in the loop

Like many NFPs, regular giver attrition (sometimes called churn) has a big impact on the capacity for Greenpeace to fund its causes. Dataro used machine learning to address this problem, with great results!

There is a lot of information out there about what machine learning can and cannot do for businesses and charities, but there is also a lot of misinformation! In this article we would like to address a few of the common misconceptions we’ve encountered in the NFP space.

Everyone is familiar with the notion that it is cheaper to retain an existing donor than it is to acquire a new one. Just how much cheaper will vary between organisations, but the sheer expense is why donor retention is front-of-mind for today’s fundraisers in the increasingly competitive NFP landscape.

Propensity Scores direct in your CRM

Ask Dataro about CRM integrations.

  • Seamless integrations with leading CRMs.
  • Power list generation driven by propensity scoring.
  • Empower your fundraising with scores for giving, conversion to RG, reactivations, major gifts, upgrades and churn.
  • Run more targeted fundraising campaigns.
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“Retention and engagement are incredibly important to us, but without a dedicated data scientist, our direction was limited. With Dataro’s software, we are able to direct resources to the right place, at the right time. Now our marketing campaigns are more targeted and cost-effective.”

Luke Giuliani, CTO, Greenpeace

“We recently used Dataro for a DM fundraising appeal. When we analysed the results, Dataro’s selections raised us more money and stopped us missing out on important gifts. Our response rate and revenue both were higher than with older RFM technology.”

Mark Downes, Fundraising Manager, Lort Smith

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