Understand your customers, like an expert data scientist.

Show me how

Learn more about your customers…

What do you know about your customers? Where do they come from? What do they do when they aren’t shopping with you? How do you find more people just like them?

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…and speak to them like individuals

We answer these questions for you. We combine your data with powerful third-party data and machine learning to deliver customer insights.

Our insights integrate directly into your marketing software, so you can easily create the right message for the right customer.

The 4-step Dataro Method

An end-to-end system that uses your data to generate customer insight for immediate targeting.

Your Data

Seamless integration with your CRM, Ecommerce store or data platform.

We start by understanding your data in platforms like Shopify, Hubspot & Segment.


Smarter consumer insights through links with 3rd party data.

Next, we find out what your customers are doing when they are not shopping with you.

Smart Segmentation

Create segments based on behavioural, demographic and social factors.

Find out which individual customers are likely to make a purchase, upgrade or churn.

Target Immediately

Create campaigns quickly with integrations for your favourite channel.

Target the right customers using integrations with Facebook, Mailchimp, Autopilot and more...