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What we do

What we do

Dataro’s AI-powered donor scoring software takes the guesswork out of your fundraising lists, helping you approach the right donors at the right time. Integrating directly with leading CRMs, our tools deliver individual propensity scores for your supporters, so you can create smarter campaigns, and build better connections with donors.

Build better campaigns to...

Build better campaigns to...

Increase Appeal giving
Are you missing out on appeal donations? Increase appeal net revenue, optimise your list size and build your campaign faster using machine learning.
Improve donor retention
Identify which Regular Givers are at the highest risk of churn so you can contact them proactively and improve retention.
Reactivate the right donors
Contact the right lapsed Regular Givers at the right time to increase program reactivations and reduce campaign calling costs.
Upgrade the givers you already have
Regular givers don’t act on a schedule. Take the guesswork out of your upgrade campaigns by identifying the most likely Regular Giver upgraders.
Increase conversion rates
Maximise Regular Giver conversions from your single giving program to increase reliable, recurring revenue.
Ask for bigger gifts
Identify the donors most likely to give a mid-level or high-level gift so your relationship managers can build better connections with valuable donors., maximising campaign returns.

How we helped Greenpeace keep donors passionate

How we helped Greenpeace keep donors passionate

Like many NFPs, regular giver attrition (sometimes called churn) has a big impact on the capacity for Greenpeace to fund its causes. Dataro used machine learning to help predict which donors were the most likely to tune out, resulting in a 15% reduction in churn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dataro do?
We provide software to fundraisers to help them run better performing campaigns. These campaigns can be summed up with "ask less and received more!"
Why do you do it?
We care about using our skills to make a difference. As experts in data we have seen amazing technology go to Wall St, Tesla, Amazon, and every major bank. We wanted to change this by using artificial intelligence for what really matters.
Who do you work with?
We work exclusively with non-profits. This includes: charities, universities, membership organisations and research institutions.
How do you do it?
Our core technology uses machine learning (or "AI") which is a statistical technique for finding complex or "hidden" patterns in data. Using Dataro is like having that expert data scientist or statistician you've always wanted.
Do you handle data privacy?
Yes. We take privacy just as seriously as you do and have built our system around compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles. We encourage the use of anonymised, tokenised data where possible and ask for only the minimum of personal information, which is stored securely and encrypted on servers based in Australia.
How do I get started?
You can sign up for a free demo here or you can contact us directly at


“Dataro is completely reinventing how we use data in our fundraising. These guys are one of the most exciting things to happen in the industry for years.

Liesha Hanekroot Fundraising Manager

“I’m really impressed with the results we had for Christmas! It brings me so much joy to know that we’re contacting the right people...and that we can get better and more efficient about this over time! Data has never been easier to manage!

Amelia Szulerecka Senior Fundraising Manager

“The thing that stood out for me the most was that we are able to be proactive in our retention strategies instead of reactive. I don’t know a simpler and more accurate way than Dataro propensity scores to determine who and when to contact RGs for better retention.

Andrew Jung F2F & Telemarketing Manager

“We tested Dataro's propensity scores in our 2020 Tax Appeal and the results speak for themselves. We were able to raise more funds and reduce our costs. We're now rolling out Dataro's propensity scores across all of our appeals and regular giving programs.

Daniel Blucher Data & Insights Specialist

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Did you know, 65% of donations come from only 5% of your donors.
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