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Nonprofits using Dataro's smarter AI solutions get better results to advance their mission, including:

Find the right words for your donors… fast.

Find the right words for your donors… fast.

AI Assist is a fundraising content assistant that’ll help you create campaign & donor content in seconds. 

With AI Assist, you can quickly write appeal emails, nurture journeys, and segment-tailored campaigns with a few clicks.

Amplify your story to more donors in more places, with AI that actually gets fundraising. 

Stop missing out on gifts

Stop missing out on gifts

Dataro’s AI-powered donor scoring software is the answer to better targeting and raising more from your existing donors.

Propensity scores and ranks are given for every donor, all integrated within your CRM for easy reference.

With Dataro’s technology you’ll take the guesswork out of your fundraising lists and get more gifts from your campaigns.

Find the donors ready to give more

Find the donors ready to give more

We use machine learning (AI) to identify the most ready-to-give donors in your database so you can bring them closer to your cause.

Dataro’s actionable insights help you prioritize your donors to:

  • Increase annual and appeal giving
  • Find more major donors hidden in your database
  • Convert supporters to monthly donors
  • Improve donor retention & reduce churn
  • Renew more lapsed donors
  • Increase gift size

Track and benchmark performance to grow revenue

Track and benchmark performance to grow revenue

Fundraising Intelligence gives your team the data and analytics they need to improve performance and raise more:

  • Report on your fundraising activities in real-time
  • Measure key fundraising metrics with ease
  • Compare your performance with live benchmark data

Make better decisions with live dashboards and benchmarks plus downloadable reports.

We integrate with your fundraising CRM to help you target your campaigns better
and raise more for your cause.

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We help nonprofits raise more by unlocking the value of every donor in their database.

Our technology integrates directly with leading CRMs in a few easy steps.

Once we have access to your data we supercharge it daily with live fundraising analytics and donor predictions to set you up for fundraising success.