Free Tools & Resources for Fundraisers

A collection of free tools, on-demand webinars and resources to help you fundraise more effectively.

>AI in Fundraising Readiness Quiz

AI in Fundraising Readiness Quiz

A 1 minute quiz to help you find out whether you are ready to use AI at your nonprofit.
>Mid/Major Donor Journey Calculator

Mid/Major Donor Journey Calculator

Simulate donor journeys and see how acquired donors turn into mid-level donors and then into major donors.
>Recurring Giving Forecaster

Recurring Giving Forecaster

Know what it takes to grow or maintain your recurring giving program. Forecast program size, revenue, churn, acquisition over time.
>Grow Recurring Giving Cheat Sheet

Grow Recurring Giving Cheat Sheet

Starting out or trying to grow an established program? This PDF outlines the strategy for growing your recurring giving program at any stage.
>A/B Test Randomiser

A/B Test Randomiser

Quickly and accurately create a randomized donor list for your next A/B split test. Save time and ensure your segmentation is fair and unbiased.
>Webinar: Navigating the AI Landscape

Webinar: Navigating the AI Landscape

Catch Tim Paris for this AFP webinar on adopting a human-centric approach to AI in fundraising
>Webinar: Centralizing Donor Data for Greater Impact

Webinar: Centralizing Donor Data for Greater Impact

Catch Dave Lyndon explain the future of fundraising data management with Donor Data Platforms