Donor predictions, right in your CRM.

Dataro Predict integrates with your existing CRM to provide timely, donor-specific fundraising predictions right at your fingertips.

We work with the industry-leading CRM solutions you trust, including:

CRM integration in a few steps

Partnering with Dataro allows you to get the most from your CRM system to supercharge your fundraising success.

Integration is super simple and done in a few easy steps.

Step 1 – Gaining access to your CRM

Many of our integrations can be connected with a single click. We make use of our partners secure and fast APIs to ensure data integrity and security.

Step 2 – Understand your data

It’s important to understand all the nuances of your database. The recurring giving email conversion campaign you ran last year, the emergency mail out you sent during a climate disaster, even that one-off appeal you ran in 1999 all help us ensure our insights are accurate and valuable.

Step 3 – Building out the intelligence

Now we analyze all of the data available in your connected CRM to deliver better insights that support your fundraising goals. Dataro’s Machine Learning models (AI) find patterns in your data to help you predict how your donors will behave next. Our predictive scores and ranks are then updated weekly in your integrated CRM so you’ll always know the best next move for every supporter.

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