Like ChatGPT, but for fundraisers.

Meet AI Assist, the fundraising content assistant that helps fundraisers create campaign & donor content in seconds. 

Check out this 90sec video to learn more.

Dataro AI Assist 

Find the right words for your donors… fast. 

Whether you’re building an appeal, reaching out to a lapsed donor, or asking a donor to go steady… AI Assist will help you find the words to say and find them fast.

Just select the communications you want to create, enter a few details about your mission, hit “generate”… and you’ll have fundraising content drafts in seconds. 

What can you write with AI Assist?

AI Assist can supercharge your writing output and write the fundraising content you need in seconds.

From email appeals to nurture journeys, to call scripts and multichannel campaigns, AI Assist helps you build relevant campaign and donor content fast. 

Amplify your story across every channel in seconds. 

With AI assist, you can transform a single fundraising letter into a multi-channel campaign (with SMS, Social, and more) in seconds. 

Which means amplifying your story to more donors in more places… in less time. 

Talk to your unique donors, in your unique voice.  

Tailor your fundraising appeal letters or campaign copy to different donor segments with one click.

AI Assist can be trained to work from your personal writing examples… so you’ll be telling your story in your voice. 

AI that actually gets fundraising. 

We serve 200+ nonprofits globally and built AI Assist with their feedback and expertise in mind.

Sure, you can do some of this in ChatGPT. But it’s just not the same.

Write your fundraising content 10x faster