Greenpeace uses Dataro Predict to retain 531 monthly donors & fight for a greener planet.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is the leading the charge fighting for our planet. AUNZ independent campaigning organization fighting for a green and peaceful future for our planet. 

To help them in their cause, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has used Dataro’s AI modelling software since 2019 to inform their data strategy and improve fundraising outcomes across their direct mail and recurring giving programs. 

The organizations’s goal is to grow their recurring giving program from $12 million to $18 million over the next five years. While acquisition is key to this growth, Greenpeace Australia Pacific recognise the importance of cultivating good relationships with their existing monthly donors.

So, in 2023 the charity invested in a stewardship calling campaign to thank their monthly donors and keep them engaged with their cause. 

To improve campaign ROI and efficiency, Greenpeace Australia Pacific used Dataro’s RG Churn propensity model to identify and prioritize thank you calls to donors who were most likely to cancel their monthly gift. 

Using Dataro’s AI-driven targeting approach to call their ‘at risk’ monthly donors, Greenpeace Australia Pacific saved 531 donors from churning over nine months, raising an estimated extra $235k to help save the planet. At risk supporters who did not receive a thank you call were 2.5 times more likely to cancel their recurring gifts than donors who were engaged with a stewardship call.

Key Results

Using AI to identify which donors were most likely to cancel their monthly donation and re-engaging them with a stewardship call, Greenpeace Australia Pacific:

  • Retained 531 extra donors in nine months
  • Raised an estimated $235k in extra monthly gifts over 18 months
  • Achieved an estimated campaign ROI of 10.58
  • Found thanked donors were 2.5x less likely to cancel their monthly donation

How we did it

Using machine learning, Dataro’s RG Churn propensity model generated predictive ranks and scores for all of Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s active monthly donors. These scores showed how likely each donor was to miss three gifts in a row in the next six months and were updated in the charity’s Salesforce CRM weekly. This allowed Greenpeace Australia Pacific to identify the donors most at risk of leaving the program and informed their calling campaign selections.

Analyzing the results

As a result of using Dataro’s predictions, Greenpeace Australia Pacific was able to accurately identify the best donors to steward with an engagement call and saved 531 donors from cancelling their monthly donation. This equates to an expected net revenue of $235k saved over the next 18 months.

Over the course of nine months, Greenpeace Australia Pacific attempted to contact 9,077 donors recommended by Dataro’s churn propensity model.* The objective of the call was to thank them for their support and have a conversation about how their monthly donations were making a difference.
*While Dataro recommended 2,400 donors be called per month, the charity did not have budget to contact all identified donors monthly.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific were able to speak with 3,429 donors as part of the calling campaign. The 4,648 supporters who didn’t answer the call churned at a rate of 25.86%. While the supporters who did pick up the call churned at a much lower rate of 10.38%.

The estimated ROI of the campaign was 10.58 which covered the module’s cost several times over.

Greenpeace continue to use Dataro’s AI predictions across their fundraising programs to build better relationships with their donors and raise more funds, more efficiently.


What they said

“Our thank you calling program has proven to be a tremendously effective way for us to identify supporters who are at risk of leaving our regular giving program. After identifying these supporters one of our trusted agency partners has given them a simple thank you call. We have found that supporters are around 2.5 times more likely to cancel their recurring gifts if they do not receive a thank you call. Without Dataro we wouldn’t have been able to identify, call and save these supporters. Our thank you calling program is now well established and its success has led to us trialling an expansion of the program, so that we can thank and save more supporters in a really cost-effective way.”

Abigail Ricica

Donor Development Manager

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