Streamline Nonprofit Fundraising Content Creation with AI Assist

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We are excited to introduce our newest fundraising solution – AI Assist: a generative AI writing tool that helps nonprofits create fundraising content 10x faster.

Developed specifically for fundraisers, AI Assist is a breakthrough in nonprofit fundraising content creation. Built with the latest GPT-4 technology, AI Assist produces effective fundraising copy for all kinds of donor communications.

Time-strapped fundraising teams can use AI Assist to significantly improve their productivity (Watch Demo Here). With AI Assist fundraisers can quickly and easily generate first-draft fundraising content for appeal letters and emails, tailor the same piece of content for different donor segments, write personalized thank you letters, and even create eye-catching email subject lines that get their emails read.

Nonprofit fundraising and marketing teams face the challenging task of creating a staggering amount of content for their campaigns, donor stewardship activities, and day-to-day supporter interactions, explains Dr. Tim Paris, Dataro CEO and Co-Founder.

“AI Assist empowers fundraisers with an efficient tool to produce compelling content, freeing up more time for meaningful work.”

Dataro has been building AI-powered tools that help fundraisers save time and raise more funds for their missions since 2017. Now, with AI Assist, fundraising and development teams can speed up their content creation process and reclaim time for more meaningful activities like engaging supporters and testing new donor acquisition and retention strategies.

Speed up fundraising content creation with AI Assist

According to a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy survey, 91% of fundraisers believe they should spend more time with donors. But the recent trend in nonprofit workforce shortages are only increasing the demands on already stretched fundraising teams and making the situation worse. This is one of the reasons why we created AI Assist- to help fundraisers achieve more, in less time and free them up to focus on the things that matter the most – like building better relationships with donors for example.

Here’s how AI Assist can revolutionize your content creation process and give you back precious time:

Conquer Writer’s Block: There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen, especially when deadlines loom or your to-do list keeps growing. That’s when AI Assist can provide some timely inspiration. Simply enter details about your mission and impact, and AI Assist can draft initial versions of emails, letters, SMS messages, Facebook posts, and more. 

Build Omnichannel Campaigns: Donors typically need several touchpoints before they make a gift. With AI Assist, you can transform a single appeal letter into a multichannel campaign encompassing email asks, SMS reminders, social media posts, and thank you letters.

Personalize Donor Communications: Standard appeals often fail to engage donors because they treat donors as a homogenous group, not individuals. Feed generic content into AI Assist to tailor your messaging for key donor segments. Modify any piece of standardized appeal content to reactivate lapsed donors or upgrade one-time gifts to recurring donations with personalized messages that recognize how they support your cause.

Scale Your Donor Conversion Journeys: AI Assist’s donor journey builder helps you build effective multi-channel donor experiences that grow support for your mission. With AI assist, you can quickly create a series of relevant and personalized communications that help cultivate relationships over time and drive donor lifetime value.

Add an AI writing assistant to your team for free for a week

To see how Dataro’s AI Assist can help you speed up your content creation and save you time, sign up for your 7-day free trial here.  Create a Dataro account and start using it right away – no complex setup or extensive tutorials necessary.

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