What Our New Benchmarking Report Says About Fundraising in 2022

Katrina –

At Dataro, we’re passionate about helping charities and nonprofits of all sizes to harness the power of their data… so they can do more good in the world.

It’s our mission to help solve the big (and small) data problems facing nonprofits. And we love to give back to the incredible community of nonprofits who are making our world a better place.

That’s why we’re so excited to release our first ever Dataro Fundraising Benchmark Report – a free report analysing the data of 117 global nonprofits to provide a view of fundraising in 2022 and the key trends for 2023.

The aim of the Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023 is to provide fundraisers with meaningful data and insights to easily benchmark their own nonprofits’ fundraising performance, and identify opportunities for growth in 2023.

Over 68 million donations from 7.2 million donors and 2.5 million monthly givers were analyzed.


Readers can expect to learn how charities performed in 2022 across different sub-sectors and fundraising programs. Information is also included about the rising impact of digital giving, important recurring giving metrics and second gift rates.

We hope the analysis of data, trends and benchmarks in the report will help charities and nonprofits to improve their fundraising performance in 2023.

This free report is available to download now and will help fundraisers answer questions like:

– Was our income growth/decline in line with the sector average?
– Which areas of fundraising are showing the strongest growth?
– What are the biggest opportunities to invest in for income growth?
– How much more could we raise if we reach industry best practice?
– Are we doing a good job at nurturing new donors for a second gift?
– Are we investing enough in converting new recurring givers from cash giving?

Download the FREE report now to start benchmarking your results and get the strategic roadmap for fundraising success in 2023.

“The data and trends outlined in this report explore the underlying donor behaviour of millions of donors. It brings together a wealth of insights that will help charities understand the changing fundraising landscape and how their performance stacks up against the typical nonprofit in our analysis.

We hope this is a helpful tool for guiding fundraising strategy and investment in the year ahead.”

– Tim Paris, Dataro CEO/Co-Founder