Is your charity ready for machine learning? It’s easy to find out.

Chris Paver –

Most of the charities we work with know they could be doing more with their data to improve fundraising returns, but they don’t know where to start. So we are very pleased to introduce our new Ready-to-Launch Health Checks, which tell charities in advance where the easy data wins are and what areas to focus on for their first machine learning campaigns.

Experienced fundraisers will be familiar with the concept of a database health check. They might even carry them out periodically to identify issues with data cleanliness and strategy. ‘Ready-to-Launch’ Health Checks are a bit different, because we use machine learning to identify which fundraising campaigns will benefit the most from propensity modelling going forwards, based on a detailed examination of your data specifically.

“Data science and machine learning are fast becoming the new best practice in fundraising. By carrying out a thorough investigation led by our experienced data scientists and engineers, we can understand the current state of your data and make recommendations about how best to take advantage of the new solutions available,” said Dataro CEO Tim Paris.

“More importantly, we train our models on your historic data and tell you how well they perform, so you can step into this new fundraising approach with confidence that it will actually work.”

Are you Ready-to-Launch?
Ready-to-Launch Health Checks include a detailed historical analysis revealing how well Dataro’s predictions apply to Appeals, Churn, Reactivations and Upgrades. We score each donor historically on a scale of 1 – 10 to reveal prediction accuracy and financial return projections for our core fundraising propensities. Key questions answered through this process include:

  • What areas should I focus on first for my machine learning campaigns?

Dataro Score performance for Single Giving

  • How is my fundraising performing over time? Which campaigns aren’t working and why?

Changes in RG Performance

  • What is the optimum number of donors for my next appeal, churn, upgrade and reactivation campaigns?
  • What are the projected returns using machine learning for targeted campaigns?

Sample Charity Appeal List Optimisation

  • How well can machine learning predict attrition, upgrades, reactivations and gifts?
  • What is my RG churn rate by age, gender, acquisition channel, and RG amount?

Donor Churn Analysis

  • How many donors are High Value and Ready to Give, Likely to Churn, Ready to Recommit, or Ready to Give More?

If you are not sure whether propensity modelling is the right solution for your charity, a Ready-to-Launch Health Check will give you the answer. It will also identify other key data issues that might be holding back your data transformation.

Dataro is offering Ready-to-Launch Health Checks from $999 +GST in June. Sample reports are available by contacting Dataro.