Your fundraising performance at a glance.

Monitor, measure and grow your fundraising programs with powerful BI dashboards, visualizations, and reports with live industry benchmarking.

Business intelligence, built for fundraisers

Fundraisers need better business intelligence to maximise their impact.
We call it Fundraising IntelligenceTM.

Combining powerful BI dashboards, visualizations and reports with live industry benchmarking, Fundraising Intelligence will help you monitor, measure and grow your fundraising programs.


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Fundraising specific analytics and live benchmarking to your fundraising peers:

Program specific reporting

Each fundraising program has a bespoke dashboard and suite of reports to help you track program-specific metrics and improve performance.

So whether you manage appeals or a monthly giving program, or need to report on overall fundraising performance to your board, there is a report built just for you.

Each program dashboard comes with built-in questions to prompt deeper inquiry and help you distill better insights.

BI with live benchmarking

Turn on live benchmarking with the toggle of a button and compare your own fundraising performance to similar organizations, in real time.

Compare fundraising performance against organizations that share your mission (i.e. environmental or education), or have similar numbers of donors or annual revenue. Benchmarking data is live so you can identify trends and take advantage of opportunities as they are emerging.

Better reports, in one click

Beautifully designed reports and graphs are one-click away with Fundraising Intelligence. You will never have to worry about an excel spreadsheet or manual data import again.

Our one-click exports will save you time and help you tell powerful stories with your data to secure investment in your program and drive performance.

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Fundraising Intelligence (Free) is available to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce NPSP users.

Get live benchmarking data, report on your key fundraising metrics and get insights about your fundraising performance with Fundraising Intelligence.

Set up is done in a few clicks and integrating your CRM data is safe and reliable.

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Fundraising Intelligence Dashboards for Appeals and RG

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Get better analytics with live benchmarking

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For charities to take full advantage of their data, fundraising reports need to be live, they need to be easy to use, they need to be trustworthy and they need to be specific to the user. But the reports and dashboards fundraisers typically use on a day-to-day basis are broken, including the lists they extract for their campaigns. This has big ramifications for nonprofits who aren’t basing their critical fundraising decisions on the right information.”

– Tim Paris, Dataro CEO