We’ve launched our RE NXT integration!

Chris Paver – 15 January 2020

Dataro has officially launched its machine learning integration for Blackbaud’s NXT platform.

The integration allows NXT users to access Dataro’s state-of-the-art propensity modelling directly in the CRM without any manual data uploads required. More than half-a-dozen charities are already integrated.

“These integrations have the potential to revolutionise how charities use data to generate fundraising campaigns,” Dataro CEO Tim Paris said. “We’re excited about the opportunity to help more organisations use this technology to improve fundraising outcomes, both in Australia and abroad.”

Dataro uses its machine learning pipeline to help charities understand what their donors are likely to do next by generating ‘propensity scores’ for each donor. These scores allow charities to generate optimised campaign lists for single giving, regular giving and other fundraising programs.

“Dataro integrations offer many advantages over traditional campaign selection processes,” Dr Paris said. “These include higher fundraising ROIs and significant time savings when it comes to list selection. This innovation also opens up the technology to smaller organisations, which can now access and use cutting edge machine learning technology without needing to hire a data scientist.”

Dataro is a Certified Technology Partner in the Blackbaud Partner Network.

To find out more about Dataro integrations or to book a demonstration, contact Chris Paver at chris@dataro.io.





“Dataro is completely reinventing how we use data in our fundraising. These guys are one of the most exciting things to happen in the industry for years.

Liesha Hanekroot Fundraising Manager

“I’m really impressed with the results we had for Christmas! It brings me so much joy to know that we’re contacting the right people...and that we can get better and more efficient about this over time! Data has never been easier to manage!

Amelia Szulerecka Senior Fundraising Manager

“The thing that stood out for me the most was that we are able to be proactive in our retention strategies instead of reactive. I don’t know a simpler and more accurate way than Dataro propensity scores to determine who and when to contact RGs for better retention.

Andrew Jung F2F & Telemarketing Manager

“We tested Dataro's propensity scores in our 2020 Tax Appeal and the results speak for themselves. We were able to raise more funds and reduce our costs. We're now rolling out Dataro's propensity scores across all of our appeals and regular giving programs.

Daniel Blucher Data & Insights Specialist