What you can do with Dataro

Optimise your appeals and regular giving programs.



Most NFPs use a simple RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) analysis to create donor ‘segments’ in order to generate a campaign list, but this technique leaves a lot to be desired. ListOptimiser allows you to spot the donors your segments miss and identify which donors are likely and not likely to give, resulting in better targeting and increased overall revenue.

  • ListOptimiser is perfect for your first Dataro campaign.
  • Calculate your optimum campaign size.
  • Identify any potentially valuable donors you have missed from you segments.


Generate propensity scores for your entire fundraising program. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop platform to upload your data at the start of each month and start accessing analytics and predictions. We use our industry-leading machine learning technology to take the guesswork out of your campaign targeting.

  • Dataro Platform access with advanced analytics
  • DM Appeals, Conversions to RG and High-Value Giving
  • RG Reactivations, Upgrades and Churn
  • Propensity scores delivered on a monthly basis 

You will be in good company

Not sure where to get started with machine learning?

Talk to us about our Ready-to-Launch Health Checks. Most organisations know they could be doing more with their data, but they don’t know where to start. We will tell you what areas to focus on for your first machine learning campaigns, where the easy gains are, and the projected returns.