Ready-to-Launch Health Checks

Not convinced propensity modelling will work for you? There’s an easy way to find out!

1. Are you Ready to Launch?

Most organisations know they could be doing more with their data, but they don’t know where to start! Our ‘Ready-to-Launch’ Health Checks will tell you in advance where the easy gains can be made and will answer questions like:

  • What areas should I focus on first for my machine learning campaigns?
  • What is the optimum number of donors for my next appeal, churn, upgrade and reactivation campaigns?
  • How well can machine learning predict attrition, upgrades, reactivations and gifts?
  • What are the projected returns using machine learning for targeted campaigns?
  • What is my RG churn rate by age, gender, acquisition channel, and RG amount?

2. About your Health Check

 We carry out a detailed historical analysis and use machine learning to identify which of your fundraising campaigns will benefit the most from propensity modelling. We use historical predictions and held-out data sets to prove how accurate our models are for your data specifically and to give you financial return/ROI projections for a variety of RG and cash giving campaigns, so you can start using your data with confidence.

3. What’s in the Report?

We will deliver a ‘Ready-to-Launch’ report full of actionable insights including:

  • Fundraising Recommendations, including which campaigns will benefit the most from machine learning.
  • The optimum number of donors for your next appeal, churn, upgrade and reactivation campaigns.
  • Database health problems, including duplicates, invalid data, missing data and coverage.
  • Donor behaviour trends, including churn, gifts, upgrades and reactivations, so you can make better informed decisions.
  • Propensity modelling, showing historic model performance for RG and cash giving programs.

Your database contains everything you know about your donors – this
is what we use to power your predictive models. Simply follow our
step guide to upload your data in a ready-to-use drag and drop
format, no coding required. And if you’re having any trouble, don’t
worry. Our technicians are on standby to assist with your upload and
start providing your predictions.

Don’t want to upload any data just yet? No problems! You can create
a free account and see our software in action so you get a feel for
how it works.

After your successful data upload (congrats!), Dataro introduces you
to our key metrics showing donor engagement over time. At this
stage, we automatically track and display trends in your Attrition
data, Upgrade data and One-Time-Giving data, as well as attrition
statistics by age and acquisition channel, and geospatial data,
allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Dataro provides ‘propensity scores’ for every member of your
database, allowing you to see who is at a high risk of attrition and who
is likely ready to convert to RG or give a one-off gift. We will tell you
how many donors fall into each category, so you can generate
targeted lists to optimise your marketing comms. We carry out an ROI
analysis of your data, so you can be confident that the target list
represents the best value for money. Experiment with list sizes and
targeting accuracies to deliver the best ROI for your campaign every

Machine learning models improve over time as more data is
analysed. Dataro simply slots into your existing marketing funnel, so
you can conduct multiple campaigns and track your results, driving
increasing fundraising efficiency over time and better managing
your donor journeys.

Talk to us about our custom APIs and integrations. Dataro provides
custom data solutions for organisations looking to up their data game,
whether that’s migrating to a new CRM or automatically ingesting
your data and pushing your results to Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge or

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Ready to make the most from your data?

Talk to us about how to implement propensity modelling in your fundraising programs. We provide state-of-the-art models, powered by machine learning, for appeals, churn, reactivations and upgrades. Book in a campaign to experience the Dataro difference and help your fundraising campaigns to make the most from your data’s potential.