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What you can do
with Dataro

Put your donors first with smarter fundraising list selections, powered by industry-leading AI.

Dataro’s machine learning platform integrates directly with leading CRMs to deliver individual propensity scores for your supporters, so you can create smarter lists for every fundraising campaign. Make the most of your data without needing to hire a data scientist.

Increase Appeal Giving

Are you missing out on appeal donations? Increase appeal net revenue and optimise your list size using machine learning.

Convert High Value Gifts

Identify the donors most likely to convert into your mid-value and high-value gift brackets, maximising campaign returns.

Convert more RGs

Maximise RG conversions from your single giving program to increase reliable, recurring revenue.

Reactivate more RGs

Regular givers don’t act on a schedule. Contact the right lapsed RG at the right time to increase program reactivations.

Reduce RG Attrition

Prevent RG attrition with proactive attrition modelling, telling you which RGs are at the highest risk of churn

Upgrade more RGs

Take the guesswork out of your upgrade campaigns by identifying the most likely RG upgraders.

Built for fundraisers

Like many NFPs, regular giver attrition (sometimes called churn) has a big impact on the capacity for Greenpeace to fund its causes. Dataro used machine learning to help address this problem by predicting which donors were the most likely to churn, with great results!

The user group brings together our community of fantastic partners, friends and customers who are passionate about using data and technology for social good. It also offers a chance to network with other users, swap stories, learn from failures and celebrate successes.

Machine learning & DM Appeal Guide

Want to know more about machine learning and how it can be used for better DM Appeals? This Dataro + Blackbaud Machine Learning Guide is for you. Find out about the new building blocks of your DM Appeal –  propensity scores  and ranks – and how they integrate with your CRM!

CRM Integrations

  • Higher Fundraising ROIs – via state-of-the-art machine learning technology.
  • Cost efficiencies – live propensity scores directly in your CRM.
  • Proven approach – consistently achieving better results than other methods.
  • Immediate positive impact – through smarter list selections.
  • Flexibility – to add more propensities as you go.
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