Saving Greenpeace supporters, to help them save the world

Tim Paris – 28 July 2020

Our propensity score software is helping Greenpeace retain regular givers for a more sustainable approach to fundraising.


Greenpeace AU wanted to reduce churn in their regular giving program. Using Dataro’s RG Churn propensity scores to identify the most ‘at risk’ donors, they commenced a monthly ‘Thank You’ calling program with GiveTel. The aim was to proactively engage with at risk donors to reduce churn. With this approach, Greenpeace saved an estimated 64 donors in a single month, raising an estimated extra $23,040 for the planet.

Key Results

  • 64 estimated extra donors retained in one month 
  • $23,040 estimated campaign return
  • 2.13 estimated campaign ROI

Greenpeace achieved a significant reduction in churn by contacting at risk regular givers via a ‘thank you’ calling program. This graph compares the expected churn rate, based on Dataro’s predictive scores, against actual churn in the call group, showing a significant improvement.

 How We Did It

Dataro used machine learning to generate propensity scores for all of Greenpeace’s active regular givers. These scores showed how likely each donor was to miss three gifts in a row in the next 6 months. Donor scores were loaded directly into Salesforce, allowing Greenpeace to select the donors most at risk of churn to be included in GiveTel’s calling program. Three months after the calls we saw:

  • Dataro’s predictions were accurate, with higher churn scores indicating a higher churn rate
  • Most donors appreciated the call with very few cancellations
  • Donors who received the call were less likely to churn overall than donors who did not receive the call

This sort of Engage & Retain campaign is only possible thanks to highly accurate predictive scoring.

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What they said

“With Dataro's software, we are able to direct resources to the right place, at the right time. Now our marketing campaigns are more targeted and cost-effective.”

Luke Giuliani


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“Dataro is completely reinventing how we use data in our fundraising. These guys are one of the most exciting things to happen in the industry for years.

Liesha Hanekroot Fundraising Manager

“I’m really impressed with the results we had for Christmas! It brings me so much joy to know that we’re contacting the right people...and that we can get better and more efficient about this over time! Data has never been easier to manage!

Amelia Szulerecka Senior Fundraising Manager

“The thing that stood out for me the most was that we are able to be proactive in our retention strategies instead of reactive. I don’t know a simpler and more accurate way than Dataro propensity scores to determine who and when to contact RGs for better retention.

Andrew Jung F2F & Telemarketing Manager

“We tested Dataro's propensity scores in our 2020 Tax Appeal and the results speak for themselves. We were able to raise more funds and reduce our costs. We're now rolling out Dataro's propensity scores across all of our appeals and regular giving programs.

Daniel Blucher Data & Insights Specialist